The Matlai Boutique Hotel Zanzibar

Written by Anika

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Today, I have to tell you a little bit more about the beautiful island of Zanzibar. In the last article I showed you some pictures and a hotel recommendation for the sporty onesĀ in Paje, the absolute water sports spot in Zanzibar. This article here is more for the romantic souls- it is all about the Matlai Boutique Hotel, one or maybe THE most beautiful hotel, I have ever stayed at. With its 4 rooms, you can not even call it a hotel, it is more a villa but with all the comfort (and even more!) of a hotel. Actually, every room has its own private concierge that is available via phone the whole day. Our concierge Omar was simply gorgeous. He told us it is all about the three Ws: Where, When and what do you want? Because everything in the Matlai Boutique Hotel is just how you want it to be. You want to have scrambled eggs for breakfast on your balcony at 2pm? Omar will make it possible! Also, the location of the Matlai is one of a kind. The water there shimmers in a dozen shades of blue and turquoise and also the surrounding gardens of the hotel are like a paradise on earth. And if you ever should get bored of doing nothing- they will arrange trips for you to any location on the Zanzibar island. Oh Zanzibar, my love…

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