Swimming with the Bahamas Pigs

Written by Anika

Swimming Bahamas Pigs_3 Swimming Bahamas Pigs_2 Swimming Bahamas Pigs_1 Swimming Bahamas Pigs_5One of the best experiences ever while traveling was for sure meeting the Bahamas pigs in the crystal clear blue water of the Caribbean sea. We made a 5 days trip from Miami, Florida to the Exuma Island of the Bahamas. Landed in Georgetown, we made our way to our beautiful Bed & Breakfast hotel Paradise Bay Bahamas. From there the hotel offered a one day snorkeling tour including a visit on the island where the pigs live. After a one hour drive with the motor boat, we arrived at the lonely island where the pigs already welcome you at the beach- not shy at all and super friendly. Don’t forget to bring some bread with you- A true unique experience!

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