Sri Lanka – a charging device for your soul

Written by Anika

Sri Lanka is the land of the most beautiful beaches, I have ever seen. Now it surely depends on your definition of a perfect beach- however the water is not crystal blue and the beaches are not snow white, the small lonely beaches surrounded by perfect palm trees and pure nature are magically wild and invite you to just sit there and watch the beauty of the ocean. At our hotel beach (which you can see on the first picture) the sand was colored from beige to red and even black. A beautiful mixture! Our hotel, the stunning UTMT- Underneath the mango tree (click here), is just as enchanting as its name. The small boutique hotel offers everything you need for pure relaxation and is yet focused on the essentials- great spa, wonderful hotel premises to stroll around, a great yoga teacher and a super healthy and delicious breakfast which you can enjoy directly above the beach.

IMG_4831 IMG_5015 IMG_5042 IMG_5050Even though the UTMT Hotel (click here) is beyond beautiful, you should definitely do some trips to explore the island of Sri Lanka. If you want to see the whole island you should definitely go for a round trip. We decided to focus on some spots with daytrips from our hotel. A visit in Galle, a dutch heritage village is definitely a must! It is kind of another world within the rest of Sri Lanka, but you can find lovely cafes and boutiques there. Two of my absolute highlights where a whale watching and a safari tour. Seeing the wild elephant families with their babies in the Sri Lankan National Parks was amazing! However, I have to admit, the most wonderful experience was seeing the blue whales. It gives you a shiver, when you see these enormous creatures coming out of the deep blue ocean. We made the tour from Mirissa and we were so lucky at that day and saw around 12 of them! All in all, Sri Lanka is definitely among my top 3 travel adventures and I would love to see this impressive country again someday!IMG_5098 IMG_9866IMG_0447

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